Sunday, July 29, 2007

Emery's Nursery!

Here are a couple of pics that we took of Emery's bed and the bedding that we picked out for her. We need to finish the room sometime but at least she has a place to sleep! The guy in the pic is Uncle Bud!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Emery Kate Wilson

Well, they tell us that it is offically a girl! Look out she comes. We are sorry for not posting anything for such a long time but we promise to do better. Emery is moving around every day and Ryan is loving watching my belly grow. My belly sticks out farther than his does now since he is losing so much weight! At our appointment on July 17th they told us that she measured 2 lbs and 1 oz. and is head down and really low already. We are getting really excited! My mom bought the crib that Ryan and I assembled one Sunday night and we have bought the bedding (which is adorable but neutral) and we have it sitting out on the crib. That is about it for now. Maybe if we get a good picture we can post one of my growing belly next time!

July 17 Ultrasound (26 Weeks)