Thursday, August 19, 2010

1st Day of Montessori

I can't believe that my baby girl is old enough to go to school! Today Emery started Montessori here in Newport and as you can tell by the smile on her face she was SO excited! It was much harder on me than her this morning, but neither of us cried. I think it helps a lot that about half the kids she is there with also go to our church. I hope she loves it (I'm sure she will), but i'm a little afraid that she is going to not want to come home! Ha!!!

Can't you just see the excitement bursting out of her!

Em and her new backpack. If you knew the story of that backpack...thanks Ryan for going to the Post Office before 7 this morning to make sure she had it for her first day!

Em and Daddy walking into school!

Happy Em and Mommy!

Checking everything out!

Mommy and Daddy love you baby girl! Hope you love school!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Travs Game (8-12-10)

Last Thursday we, along with our friends the Norris', went to a Travs game in Little Rock. This was my first time going to a game at the new stadium and it was beautiful. It was also Em's first baseball game period (besides going to watch Bud play high school ball, but there she doesn't have to sit). I think she did pretty well considering she was sweating like a grown man in like 2 minutes after being out of the car!

Ethan and Em

Todd and Ami

My ham-ball!

Ethan taking it all in!

Okay, I just couldn't resist putting this picture in here!

Beautiful field and view of city in the background.

Our family

Ha! She wanted me to take her pic and this is the face she gave me! What a goober!