Thursday, February 12, 2009

Emery's 16 months old!!!

I can't believe that Em is already 16 months old...I do know that I say that every month. She is into EVERYTHING!!! My baby loves to climb. Last night before church I found her on top of the kitchen table licking the top of the salt shaker. Nothing that she attempts really surprises my anymore. The child isn't afraid of anything. Here are a few pics from the last few weeks that I like and wanted to share.

This pic is after church on Sunday. Her daddy had changed her diaper and she had "placed a deposit" in the new one and before we could smell it she decided to try to pull the diaper off herself. I am so glad that she didn't get it off.

This is the sticker queen. She loves stickers and we have them all over our windows here and at granny's house.

She loves M&M's. You can see the leftovers on her chin.

Her favorite pastime is talking on the cell phone. She has been known to call my parents, Micki, Alfred, and Stan and Betty on different occasions. She just walks around with it to her ear and they are talking to her and usually it is quite a while until I find out that someone is actually on the other end talking to her. Isn't that a cute ponytail on top of her head!

Suckers...she loves suckers. And for the most part isn't really messy with them.

This is just an extra pic that I wanted to show. I turned on Sunday. That is a hard one for me, but it is over now. But I just wanted you to see the cute cake that Ryan and Stan and Betty came up with for me. Everyone at church is trying really hard to make her a Razorback fan.