Thursday, June 12, 2008

8 Months Old!!!

We can't believe that our baby girl is 8 months old. Where does the time go?! I had a great 1st Mother's Day and I know that Ryan is looking forward to his 1st Father's Day!

As you can see she is still telling folks that she is #1!

For some reason this face is one of my favorites.

Angel baby!!!!!

I really don't take a lot of pics of Emery and me but Ryan talked me into this makeup and I haven't showered yet today but for the most part it turned out okay!

This has been a really busy week for Emery Kate. She has decided that crawling might not be so bad after all so she is FINALLY doing that...although she would still prefer to stand up and walk! We also have 2 teeth coming in on the bottom. It really doesn't seem possible that she is old enough to be doing these things but as much as I want to freeze her in this stage forever I know that each new milestone is going to be just as fun and exciting!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Emery's First Swim!!!

We had our first family vacation. We went to Memphis for a few days just to get away for our 2nd anniversary. We have added these two videos of Emery's first time in the pool. She LOVED it. I thought that it might have taken some time for her to get use to it but she would have been fine if I had just thrown her in!!! She kicked and screamed everytime that she even saw the pool!