Sunday, April 18, 2010

Just a beautiful spring day!

It was just a beautiful day and I had been needing to take a few more pics of Em (like I have! I wanted some in a couple cute spring outfits and she was in a pretty good mood this afternoon. Yes, I know that in the next to last pic she is truely her mother's child! Enjoy!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter 2010

Easter was a much bigger hit at our house this year than last. Emmie Kate is old enough to understand now. She still didn't care much about hunting the eggs cause she was to busy looking at all the other kids running around, but it was fine and she got plenty!

She was so proud of the eggs that we colored together!

Em is ready for her 1st of 2 egg hunts. She hated having to stand behind the rope until they blew the horn when she could see the eggs and candy right there in front of her!

Wondering when they were going to start!

5 minutes of mass chaos! The kids only got to pick up one egg at this hunt and each of those eggs had a number in at and that number got them a prize. Em won the board game Chutes and Ladders! She was so excited she "won"!

Me and my baby girl!

Checking out what the Easter Bunny brought. When I got her up that morning I told her that he had left her a present and she didn't want to get out of bed because she thought he was still here. She kept telling me "I don't like the Easter Bunny".

Bed Head!

Stylin'! Farrah Faucet

Checking out the Easter Bunny card that had daddy's voice in it.

The best pic I got of her dressed for church. Sometimes you have to pick your battles and photos wasn't one I was going to mess with Sunday morning. It was going to be a LONG day and I didn't what to mess it up that early!

Emmie and daddy.

Mommy and Emmie.

Watching Ms Jennifer in bible class. About the only time she sat still all day!

Hunting eggs at Jacksonport at the church egg hunt. She would have much rathered be at the playground but did hunt a few eggs.

Only a face a momma can love. Can you tell she had fun? She was COVERED in dirt and sand by the time we left, but it was great! She was totally exhausted by bedtime! All in all, Easter 2010 was fun!