Sunday, June 14, 2009

Rain Anyone?????

Ryan and I knew that it stormed last night, but never expected this when we got up this morning! It was crazy how much water was there.

This poor guy flooded out his car at 6 this morning. He told us that when he tried to cross then it was over his hood!!! Who would try to drive across that???? A tow truck came about 8:30 and got his car.

I took Em out to play in the water...

...and it was COLD!!! This is her standing in the street in front of our house!

On a side note...Em has a bad habit of running from you if she doesn't want to do what you want her to do. Ryan went down stairs to get her for nap and she tried to run off the trampoline...fell...and hit her face on the side of the treadmill. NICE!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

20 months!

Emmie turned 20 months and I keep saying to myself..."how can this be?" She is growing up to fast and in just 4 months my baby will be 2! Okay enough of the sad stuff. today I was at my parents and my mom was talking to Em and telling her she loved her and Em looked at her and said " I wove (love) you"! We were all so excited so when we got home I had her tell her daddy that and he loved the surprise.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Our little swimmer!

Emery has discovered her new love for the summer...WATER! We went over to her friend, Claire's, house this morning and played in the pool. I put her floatie on and she just jumped right in. I was shocked. She had a blast and the pool is going to be a daily occurance for the next few months at our house! Hope you enjoy the videos.