Saturday, December 11, 2010

Our Family Christmas Present 2010

Since the only people that check this blog are very close friends or family I decided to post some pics of the house that we are buying...hopefully. We have purposely not posted anything on facebook yet because we don't want to jinx anything. We made an offer and it was accepted, the home inspection has been done (and went very well), so hopefully we are on the road to being home owners. We are very excited and just hope that everything continues to go smoothly!

Dining Room

View of entry way from the living room

Master Bath

Master Bedroom

New Baby's Room

Emmie's Room

Living Room from Hallway

Living Room from Entry Way (Sorry it's so dark)

View of Kitchen from Dining Room

Playroom/Bonus Room

Laundry Room (this half will by wired for internet so Ryan can use it as an office)

Other side of Laundry Room

We didn't tell Em anything about this house til after the home inspection was finished. When she went in and found out she had a new house coming...she went NUTS!!!! She ran all over the house and had to check everything out! We are set for closing on Jan 5, so please pray everything else goes smoothly so this will happen!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Reading with Santa and Singing at the Bank!

Today Em's school went to the library for Story time with Santa. Em was so worried about where Santa was because when we walked in he wasn't there. I promised her that he wouldn't sneek up on here and I really should have kept my mouth shut because that is exactly what happened. She was not happy with me for the rest of the morning!

You can see that she isn't amused AT ALL that he is still behind her!

After the library, we went to the bank around the corner to sing for them. There was another Santa here. They were all so cute singing their little songs, but the whole time Em was singing she was looking over at the Santa watching them.

I know the 1st Santa pic is blurry, but I just had to document that she actually hugged him! She was so proud of herself (and we were too) that she smiled in a pic with Santa, but it didn't hurt that he gave her a goody bag!

Montessori Thanksgiving Program

Emery's Montessori School put on the cutest little program. They sang 2-3 songs and then each child had their own personal table in the small auditorium where we sat and ate a great Thanksgiving meal together. We were so glad Gee-Gee, Papaw, Grammy, Pops and Uncle Cameron was able to come see it too!