Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Gingerbread House and Emmie singing!

This was our first year to make a gingerbread house. Em didn't really understand...she just liked throwing candy on it and eating the candy. It was just a fun family project.

Em was so proud of the finished product!

I shot this video tonight! So CUTE!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

WARNING!!!!...lots of pics!

WOW...this a really long post. Basically it is my catch up post for the first 3/4 of December. I will do my best to get Christmas Eve and Christmas Day posted before 2010!

This is Em's only time to see Santa this year but she really didn't care. She doesn't really like him so we just took her to the library for story time and to see Santa there.

She kept looking his way. I guess making sure he didn't sneak up on her.
Listening to the story with daddy.

Em and mommy at the library.

I love this dress on her. My aunt gave it to her last year.

Emery and her "Boo".

Best Buds!
Thumbs up for Gee-Gee and Papaw's tree.

How pretty...

Playing under the tree...what a goober!

Movie night at home. I'm sure it was a fish movie or Mickey Mouse!

Em and daddy.

Daddy's birthday kiss!

Feeding the cats with papaw!

Our tree.

Em's tree that she decorated herself!

What a cutie! Don't let the face deceive you!

This video was taken yesterday afternoon. Em loves to play daddy's "mitar" and sing.