Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Em's 1st Haircut (really just a trim)

First things first...I didn't do a Vacation Day 5 because Em got sick that day and we had to drive home in the middle of the night. She ended up with a double ear infection with a really high fever that we didn't get to break until 24 hrs later. She is much better now, but we did have a great vacation and we hope you enjoyed all the pics!

Now, today Em got her 1st haircut...trim. I know that with a haircut you can usually tell that it's been cut, so I guess she had more of a trim, but when my baby goes to the salon for the first time I call it a haircut...and I do have the hair that was cut in a snack baggie hanging on the fridge! You really can't tell in the pics that it was cut, but I had to have pics for the memories!

This is her before pic. I don't know why when you take her picture she makes this awful face for a smile. See how stringy it is...that is what I was trying to fix.

She did much better than I thought she would. I guess when you are a kid that a sucker is a cure all.

What a big girl!

You can see that I am catching some of the hair that she is cutting to save...what a dork!

Here is the finished product. Emmie is rockin' the side ponytail cause there is hair that still isn't long enough to do anything with and I am tired of it being in her face! Take a close look at her shirt...we got it at the beach. It says, "Daddy knows a lot, but mommy knows everything!" LOL, I love it!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Vacay Day 4!

Today was a pretty laid back day. We took more family pics this morning...before the rain. After the pics we got Em some shirts and she got to build a bunny at build a bear. She loved that and has played with it all afternoon. After nap this afternoon we went shopping and had a nice dinner.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Vacay Day 3!

Today started with fun on the beach and then we headed to the pool! Em loves the water. After those 2 fun things we took Em to the zoo in Gulf Shores. It was so cute and we got to feed some of the animals and she loved that. This afternoon after nap we headed out for a dolphin cruise. It was fun...i'm not much of a sailor and was glad to get back on shore, but it really was fun to watch the dolphins jump in the water.